Hey guys, it’s another “help Laura choose her new profile picture” post.
Which picture do you guys prefer, the first one or the second?

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  1. r1se-above-1t said: Bottom one(: you’re gorgeous!
  2. runnersruntome answered: You look beautiful in both but I would go with the second, it’s sunnier :)
  3. freeasabirdfaraway said: Bottom/second one!
  4. alaskachicgonnagetfit answered: I like the first one :D
  5. i-am-more-than-enough answered: The second is brighter and more vibrant
  6. k-ronos said: The second
  7. fitandfabbb said: Second!
  8. darkestbefore-dawn answered: 1st
  9. fit-kate said: Second!
  10. teenyveegan answered: 2
  11. thebodywedeserve said: The second one! Brighter is better :)
  12. stabofconscience answered: Second :D
  13. mermaidvlut said: 2
  14. princesstreasureshim answered: 2nd.:)
  15. fortheloveofsweat said: second :)
  16. failureismybiggestfear answered: 2nd
  17. myownparty answered: the first ;)
  18. xxtheperfectassholexx said: Second one
  19. countrygirlcanada said: The second one :)
  20. happinessiswherewefindit said: Second one!
  21. zar13 said: The second one the way the light or effect you used lights up your face makes you look radiant.
  22. fitlolli answered: second one!
  23. fitness-and-fierceness said: 2nd!
  24. cyberwolf575 answered: Second, but you look incredible in both of them.
  25. 6monthsfromnow said: 2nd
  26. skinnygalore said: 2nd.
  27. des-illusioniert answered: second:)
  28. wineandsheiz answered: I like the second it looks brighter! :)
  29. letstakearunthroughspace said: Second
  30. euphoriclovex said: Second
  31. fitnessfabulous said: 2nd! :D
  32. why-the-hate answered: 1st!
  33. pyjamagame said: Second!!
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